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Suzannah Gilman

I'm a Gloria Siren, a licensed attorney, and a mother of four adults. I own my own tools, drive a stick shift, am quite fond of my Old Country Roses china, can do the NY Times Crossword every day of the week, and am told I'm "high-maintenance." Whatever. I'm an experienced traveler who can navigate through airport security faster than George Clooney's character in "Up in the Air" (2009).

Highly Combustible

What do you get when you combine 200 miles of Florida road, a hocked typewriter, a 1971 Pinto, sudden dashes à la Emily Dickinson, an unlit baseball field, a bicycle race, two broken hearts, and a whole lotta Bondo? Something highly combustible, of course.

Caution: Bitch at Work

Glancing at the clock, I finally interrupted the men around the conference table, who had been jabbering when we had important issues on the agenda. The meeting was at my firm’s office, and I was responsible for running a productive meeting.

“Okay, there will be enough time for all of that later. Let’s get down to business,” I said.

The men all turned to me and glared. They hushed, but they exchanged looks with one another as if to say “What a bitch.”