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Suzannah Gail Collins

I am the author of a poetry chapbook, I Will Meet You at the River, (as Suzannah Gilman) the mother of four adults, frequent traveler, and a licensed attorney who represented victims of domestic violence under a grant from the U.S. Dept. of Justice Office on Violence Against Women. My poetry, essays, fiction, and nonfiction have in such in such publications as The Florida Review, Pearl Magazine, Calyx Journal, Green Hills Literary Lantern, Pearl Magazine, Prick of the Spindle, Slow Trains, The Cafe Review, and The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, and I have recently begun competing in flash fiction slams, winning every one I’ve competed in. Twice nominated for a Pushcart Prize for my poetry, I now concentrate on blogging for The Gloria Sirens and writing fiction.

Act Your Age

Gloria Steinem says women reach a special place when we reach middle age where we can be who we used to be, only better. It’s that place where we were before hormones began driving us off course with worry, insecurity, and self-consciousness. It’s that place where we channel our giddy inner child. It’s the place where the worry, insecurity, and self-consciousness fall away and we feel free to express ourselves in whatever way we choose—in the way we dress, the things we do, and the people we surround ourselves with. She says that we can return to our teen years (minus the kind of hormones that turned our worlds upside down) and fly our freak flags. Or at least we might paint our nails blue. Or dance like no one’s watching– even though we know they are.