Meet the Sirens

The Sirens at the Other Words Conference (l-r, Gianna Russo, Leslie Salas, Lisa Lanser Rose, Susan Lily, Suzannah Collins, Katie Riegel)

We’re a group of accomplished literary women whose ages range from 20-something to 60-something. We’ve banded to blog because we would rather promote each other and other women than promote ourselves. We believe in the power of sisterhood. We encourage and amplify voices that might get silenced or drowned in this noisy multimedia world.

To find out more about us individually, hold your mouse over the “Meet the Sirens” tab at the top. Click on each Siren’s name for her biography and click on each Siren’s “voice” to read posts by her.

To find out more about us collectively, have a seat, grab a glass of wine, and join us on Life Improvement Radio. Host Tiffany Razzano chats with Lisa Lanser Rose, Susan Lilley, Suzannah Gilman, and Katie Riegel about what makes a Siren sing.

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