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Announcing the publication of There’s No Wrong Way: 44 Meditations

The Gloria Sirens are happy to announce the first book from TGS Publications: There’s No Wrong Way: 44 Meditations, by yours truly, Katie (Katherine) Riegel.

Like most of my posts, the book is short and sweet, filled with suggestions for meditation aimed in particular at those of you who think you can’t meditate, who have tried and believe you’ve failed, and who haven’t even tried because you just know you “can’t sit still.” There’s No Wrong Way provides exercises that are far from the stereotype of the cross-legged guru seeking enlightenment and hoping for the ability to levitate (though hey, a gal can dream). These meditations range from the practical (cleaning meditation) to the imaginative (time travel meditation). They’re sometimes silly, always encouraging, and full of hope. The book is a guide to mindfulness in real life, recognizing that all of us weird, magnificent humans do things differently—including finding our own ways to be fully present.

You can get the book in print and for Kindle. Remember that you don’t need to own a Kindle to read a Kindle book: there are Kindle reading apps for your phone, tablet, and computer. Click here to buy it now—and be sure to review it, even with a word or two. And tell your friends!









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