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    • I’ve been thinking of the international stuff, including the rise of racist incidents in Britain. (My husband is English.) It is so easy to give in to despair. Harder but more vital to live our lives consciously.

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      • Yeah the UK is a tough place to be right now- there’s tension in the air around political decisions just the same as the US will be just now. I totally agree with you about living life consciously and becoming aware of what’s going on around and what individuals can do to affect change!

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  1. This has such a profound impact on all our lives and on any continent you live. Well done is voicing this. If you dont mind would like to share this on my FB page based in South Africa. As we are one multi racial country of note.


  2. To be honest , I am sick and tired of seeing The United States dragged through the mud, no appreciation from anyone for any of the opportunities that are available here and only here. You would think This is the only country ever to witness racism, violence, poverty etc. I am from Miami, 76 percent Latino, the rest white and black, here we have accepted that is is a Latin city. If one doesn’t like it they can move. We need to stop killing one another and live in peace, stirring the pot doesn’t help. We have a long ways to go but knocking us down only incites radicals and chaos when we should be working toward peace and co existence and offering up a little thank you for having been born in the US, where we have the freedom to speak out our discontent, as is done here. High five, America!


    • I think speaking out in protest against injustice is the height of appreciation for the freedoms we have in the U.S. Those freedoms, incidentally, are enjoyed in Europe and other places as well. And I believe when we speak up, we serve as a beacon and example to countries that don’t have the same freedoms. I was hoping to call for openness to others, compassion for all, at the same time as we recognize the work that remains in order to have a society where people feel safe and experience equality. It is difficult to face both the good and bad in our selves, other people, and the societies we live in. But well worth the effort. Thanks for writing.


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