Meditation Monday: Interview with W. E. Pasquini

In today’s interview, W. E. Pasquini reminds us of the connection between sound and relaxation, as well as the uses of meditation for stress relief and pain control. Enjoy!



When and why did you start meditating?

About 30 years ago after going to a work conference that recommended meditation for stress relief. (The job was stressing me out.)


How did you learn about meditation? (From a group, book, video, other practitioner?)

From tapes (precursors to CDs). The first ones I purchased were very much guided throughout the tape. When I attended a religious science church years ago, they would do brief guided meditations as part of their service.


What type of meditation works best for you?

Sometimes I still use guided meditations, but most of the time I use crystal bowls meditation cd or a sleep meditation cd that uses sound to go through delta & theta sleep.


Is your meditation connected to a spiritual, religious, or philosophic tradition?

Not really. Mostly for stress and to relax. Twenty years ago I took my meditation tape to the hospital and played it for hours after major surgery. It really helped me cope with the post-op pain and the noisy hospital room.


What would you say to someone who expresses interest in meditation, but claims to be “unable” to do it?

To just do it–well worth the experience of just sitting quietly and listening to the speaker and/or music. And, it’s easier to relax into it with practice. People may have this idea that they must empty their minds or it won’t work. Then, they end up struggling against themselves to empty their minds, which is counterproductive. Just let go and if their mind wanders, so be it. I found that working with a voice guided recording worked best at first. I also found that some voices are more relaxing than others. (Some actually are irritating.)


What does your meditation practice do for you? That is, what are some of the specific benefits or consequences you experience, long or short-term?

Relaxation, deeper sleep, & pain control. I’ve used it too when I just can’t focus on work that I need to do–playing a 30-minute cd and taking a nap & waking up more refreshed.


W. E. Pasquini is a poet whose work has appeared in Cheat River Review, Yemassee Literary Journal, Cider Press Review, The Meadows, Fourth River, and Flare. Pasquini has been nominated for a Pushcart and has been a finalist in various book and chapbook competitions including: New Rivers Press’s MVP; Yellowjacket Press’s Peter Meinke Contest; Concrete Wolf Poetry Contest, and Frost Place Competition. Pasquini completed an MFA in creative writing and studied film at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida.

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