The Wild Side of Every Zodiac Sign

Some zodiac signs are famous for kicking up their heels, while others have more sedate reputations. Virgos, for one, are often regarded as rigid or uptight, but is that stereotype really fair? I’d say Virgos are strait-laced in a corset kind of way, all shape, slither, and seduction.

What is true is that not every zodiac sign gets wild in the same way because there are so many different kinds of excitement. The world would be a boring place if all signs were the same. What follows are some ways each zodiac sign gets wild and cuts loose when they want to let it all hang out.

Aries are trailblazers; when they’re feeling wild, they want nothing more than a ticket out of town. Aries have passionate, adventurous natures, which make them willing to travel anywhere and everywhere, the highest mountain, the farthest coast. Whether it’s backpacking across Europe or sailing the Seven Seas, when an Aries gets wild and crazy, you better pack a suitcase.

Prepare for culinary bliss paired with fine wine when Taurus is feeling wild. People born under the sign of Taurus are foodies who revel in sensual comestibles, aromas, and flavors. You can find a wild Taurus at a sumptuous feast, like the whole world is their freshwater oyster. If a Taurus invites you to dine with them, don’t pass up the chance.

When Gemini gets revved up and wild, head for the open highways. Geminis, with their changeable and open minds, look at life through the perspective of movement. They like to drive, and when a wild Gemini gets behind the wheel, it’s zero to a hundred in under sixty seconds.  They prefer Bugattis, baby, all the way, though a Ferrari will do in a pinch.

Holy flying hammers, when Cancer gets wild, you might want to wear a helmet. The Cancer tribe, affiliated with Artemis, is passionate about the wilderness. They like to go primitive camping and play the Stump drinking game, a competition involving good ale, a hammer, nails, and a knee-high tree stump as a playing board. Once the hammering starts, watch out. Be careful for your skull and fingers.

When a Leo feels wild, gather around to bask in the incandescence. Generous and loyal, Leos thrive on banding with thousands of friends they haven’t met yet at events like Burning Man. Whether Leos are building a blazing pyre or costuming or cooking, they’re attuned to vistas, art, and people. Natural born leaders of the zodiac, Leo likes to gather with others as one toward a shared, noble cause.  

Virgo is one of the most passionate signs. When Virgos get wild, this earth sign loves to celebrate physical connection with their partner or partners. Break out the Kama Sutra, get ready for afternoon delights, erotic massages, and midnight marauding. Beneath smooth satin sheets, a Virgo is a sleeping volcano just waiting for the wild to erupt.

Get ready to crash some parties when Libra wants to get wild. Libras love the harmony of traditions that mark life’s milestones: birthdays, weddings, graduations, retirement parties, and the like. They love the coordination of every last detail to create an aesthetic moment, the flowers, balloons, and streamers, the music, food, and drinks. A Libra will be first to raise a champagne flute when it’s time to toast.

Pump up the volume when Scorpio feels like getting wild. Diehard fans of music, Scorpios are mad for lyrics and jams. Drums, horns, wailing vocals, a quiet banjo thrum, the scratch of a disc, the thrash of electric guitars, twangy country songs. For Scorpios, music is about escaping ennui and getting lost in the volume of the fantasy.

Get ready to trip the light fandango when Sagittarius gets frisky and wild. Sagittarians dance easily and pick up moves like they were born to groove, whether it’s belly dancing, the marengo, hip hop, salsa, the twist, two stepping, or a waltz. Keeping up with Sagittarius requires dancing shoes and stamina. Don’t plan to stop until the sun comes up.

When Capricorns get wild, take to the hills, because the Sea Goat likes to climb. Capricorns relish in the adrenaline rush of mountain climbing, so put on your climbing shoes, harness up, and bring a rope. Belay, belay, the harder the climb, the greater the reward. When Capricorns reach the top, their worries dissolve, and the mountain air serenades them.

Flash mob, anyone? Free-wheeling Aquarius loves spontaneity and gets some wild ideas. Be prepared for pop-up poetry readings on the courthouse steps or dancing the electric slide in the produce aisle at the grocery store. An Aquarian might draw faces on their fingers and put on a puppet show or ask you to lead a chorus of your favorite song on a bus. When Aquarius gets wild, be ready to be surprised and/or entertained.

Pisces energy is all about breaking down barriers between reality and dreams, so when they get wild, things can turn surreal. You might find yourself drinking red wine with mermaids in a tide pool or dancing naked beneath a full moon in the woods to release the inner divine. When a Pisces offers you a draft of their magic potion, don’t hesitate to drink up. Getting wild with Pisces might open your third eye.

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