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LUST: Esquire and the “Older Woman”

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards - ArrivalsYou might have noticed the flap over Esquire’s condescending “tribute” to older women. Click the link below to read one of our favorite responses–Rebecca Odes for Talking Points Memo.


“Did Tom Junod have any idea of the shit storm he’d provoke when he wrote his love letter to the slightly older female? He delivered it like roses, like a knight rescuing the formerly middle-aged woman from ignominy. He even gave a nod to feminism for empowering the object of his lust. Somewhere, there is a 42-year-old woman who read those words and felt the embrace of acceptance fall over her sculpted shoulders like a fresh blowout. Maybe it helped push her through her hundredth Pilates Hundred. Maybe there are thousands of these women clinking glasses of rosé in triumph. But I have not seen them sharing this article on Facebook with smiley emojis. What I’ve seen has been the entire internet rolling its eyes in unison.”

“Is this progress? A woman is no longer considered pathetic simply because of the number of years she has lived. She is only considered pathetic if she fails to convincingly assume the shape of a woman who’s lived a decade less. With time, money, genes, and good taste, she can be rewarded with an extension of her one note symphony. She can still be desired.”

Read all of Rebecca’s terrific piece here:

Rebecca Odes’ response

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