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What would the world be like if women could—and sometimes did—transform into dragons, eat their abusive husbands, light their empty houses on fire, and fly away to live peacefully on uninhabited islands, or in the ocean, or among the stars?

What She Said, February 11: Betty Buckley

The work that must be done for each woman to reconnect with her psyche and to give herself a chance to live her own life is essentially the same. The realization of the equality of all races, the equality of all beings is essential. Feminism–the word–can give us a handle, a rallying point, a common ground, and help us build a bridge. Why not claim the gift of the word as a place to begin? The pure connecting factor is that those of us who describe ourselves as feminists want equal rights for all people. . . . If we’re for one another, we’re feminists. The rest is semantics. –Betty Buckley