Flash Nonfiction “His Apple Pie”–a dog, a pie, a bad guy

I’m proud and happy to announce my flash nonfiction essay, “His Apple Pie,” about a border collie and a bad guy, appeared today in Brevity: A Journal of Concise Literary Nonfiction.

For those of you unfamiliar with the magazine, Brevity is devoted to the art of the tiny memoir, 750 words or fewer, so each is as vivid and razor sharp as possible, like a poem, only not. I recommend you visit the entire issue, not just my piece, I’m so confident you’ll enjoy discovering each little flash, and beyond.

“The man took the warm, saggy-bottomed aluminum tin from my lap and slid it onto the dash. It bumped the windshield and blew a swift feather boa of frost up the glass.”

If you’re a writer too, I urge you to explore this challenging and protean art form yourself, if you haven’t already, and when you’re ready, submit!

Please support Brevity on all the platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. and anywhere else fine literature goes.


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