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Sirens Answer: “Is ‘Ask a Siren’ Only for Females?”

In response to a really interesting question on our initial “Ask a Siren” call, here’s our first “Ask a Siren” answer!

Question: Is it for only females or open to all?

From Leslie: Thank you so much for your interest! We absolutely welcome questions from all of our readers, whether they identify as women, men, neither, or somewhere in-between. We deliberately made the criteria for asking questions vague, because we don’t want anyone to feel like they don’t have a good question. But here’s a little of what we were thinking:

question-mark-366405_1920Maybe there’s a situation in your personal and/or professional life and you’re not quite sure what to do about it. Perhaps you’re facing some sort of interpersonal problem with a colleague or family member. Maybe you’re in a tight situation and you’re not sure how to go about getting out of it. We’re happy to share advice based on our personal experiences.

Are you a creative person working on your craft? Maybe you’re a writer or an artist or a filmmaker, and you have some questions about craft, submitting your work, work-life balance, or anything in between. We can share what we went through to try and help you with whatever issue you might be facing.


From Katie: We focus on supporting and empowering women because

1) sexism has real and specific impacts on women’s lives, even when it’s institutional rather than individual;

2) much of the literary world still equates “men’s writing” with “writing” and relegates “women’s writing” to a different category (see the VIDA count);

3) historically, men have far more role models for success than women do.

In an ideal world, gender wouldn’t be such a difficult and often vulnerable part of our experiences as writers and people. But we don’t live in an ideal world–yet. The discussions we could have here–among people of all genders–might be a step towards getting us there. we-566327_1920

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  1. Thanks for replying to my question. Now I am clear. Since I have been an educator from school to college level I have been doing this type of sharing with my students/teachers suggesting ways and means to to sort out issues. Here too I can share if you feel the need.


  2. Niceeee Post I like your post,Now I am clear. Since I have been an educator from school have been doing this type of sharing with my students/teachers suggesting ways and means to to sort out issues.


  3. As a female author and avid writer, I understand the exact perspective of the Sirens. To approach all their topics of discussion with open arms to everyone in society allows for a wide array of individuals to comment and bridge the large gap that separates the genders. Although, at this point there should be more equality, this approach is sure to lead us in that direction. Every person, no matter what you identify as, has amazing perspective to offer. It is delightful to see a platform offering that to happen and embracing the amazing talent that is “oh so visible” among female writers!!!!


  4. I thank you for this question and the many answers it has given rise to. I’m always looking for answers and i’ll take them from anyone willing to part with knowledge in a genuinely helping way. Is that worded right? I hope so. I’m a gay male who sometimes thinks like a female, although i’ve never wanted to be a female, nor have I ever identified as female. I take that last bit back, because I sometimes completely identify with the female role in a movie, why is that? Rhetorical question because I’m sure none of you want to answer that here, but anyway. . . . . . I’m thankful for this blog and the question and the answers. Love and blessing to all! d’arc


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