Sorry, Babe, You’re a Feminist

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“I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’m a feminist.” Carrie Underwood

“I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist.” Kelly Clarkson

“I am not a feminist.” Katy Perry

“I have never really thought of myself as a feminist.” Demi Moore

If you feel the same way about your identity, that you’re not a feminist–maybe because you’re not a burly, screeching she-bitch in khakis and a button-down looking for any excuse to pound testicles with a meat tenderizer–here’s a song by Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy.

Gloria Steinem calls it, “A great mind-changing, smart, all-inclusive, historic, funny song — love it and Katie Goodman.”

In case you’re wondering, this is what a feminist looks like--or you can probably just take a selfie.

Here are some issues the National Organization for Women is fighting for. Do any of them seem important to you? You’re a feminist.

Are you a college student troubled by seeming gender inequalities in academia such as access to health care, economic issues, and sexism? You’re a feminist.

Confused? Wondering what the “third wave” is? Annoyed by the subtle ways women seem discounted, marginalized, disempowered, but some of your best friends are men, or maybe you’re a man, or maybe you’re in love with a man? Yeah, it’s okay–you’re still a feminist.

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  1. thanks, loved this song! Thank goodness for some COMMON SENSE!!!! As the singer herself says, “Why is the definition of a feminist so confusing???” i.e., a feminist is a person who believes in gender equality!!!!!


  2. Nice and concise way to put it! Lady Gaga is another celebrity I’ve seen (even though she’s so obviously pro-LGBTQ!) that has declared she’s not a feminist, and explains it by saying she doesn’t hate men. -This is one of the most common stereotypes of feminism -we hate the patriarchal structures and systems of inequality! Not men. The negative connotations given to feminism suck, but this post is working towards pointing out why they are wrong. Great job!

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    • You are SO right! My own mother, who is younger than Ms. Steinem and should be looking up to her, said “Do you know she said that all men should be killed, that we have no use for them?!” Misunderstanding is a dangerous thing.


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