Shameless Promotion

A Big Siren Thanks to Our First 10,000!

Katie, Susan, Lisa, and Tiffany

l-r Katie, Susan, Lisa, and Tiffany

We just passed the 10,000-follower mark, which seemed like a good place for the band behind the blog to stop a moment and thank you. I’m always touched and amazed when I meet an old friend at a party or make a new friend at a conference and find out they read and love what we do here. If I think about ten thousand of you sitting in an auditorium waiting for what we have to say next, well, frankly, I’m petrified.

And grateful.

Sitting at my desk, alone with my dogs Mick and Maisie, and collaborating with the Sirens online, it’s easy to forget that this blog isn’t just something we make to move and amuse each other. Hearing from you what you like, want, and need helps us more than you may realize. When you connect with us, we connect with you, and we all feel less alone–and we learn to do it better.

The Sirens at Other Words!

l-r Siren Emeritus Gianna Russo, Leslie, Lisa, Susan, Suzannah, and Katie

Now’s also a good time to tell you that we held a Siren Summit a couple of weekends ago and discussed what else to offer you, something you might find engaging, useful, and uplifting. People who attend our conference panels and get to see us live tell us they especially love our interpersonal dynamic. People tell us that although we’re writers, teachers, and professionals, each accomplished and intellectual in her own way, they love how down-to-earth, candid, and approachable we are.

Siren Summit Feet. Guess whose is whose!

Siren Summit Feet. Guess whose is whose!

What people are responding to, I think, is how passionate, accepting, supportive of each other and other women in the arts, and profoundly grateful to be part of this community. People who’ve seen us live tell us they want more, but how do we bring the interactive siren spirit to a blog? Although we don’t know what we’re doing (yet) we’re actively working on an best-of anthology full of behind-the-scenes sirens-only moments–and we’re considering video.

Vlogging ain’t an easy thing for us introverts. Pray to the goddesses for us. We’ll learn and grow the way we have been, with you, right here.


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