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Mom’s Tossing Everything– Including Me

From Salon, Christine Schoenwalk and her touching account of her mother’s anti-hoarding disorder.  

My mother isn’t a hoarder; she’s the exact opposite. If she were a hoarder, then people would understand when I talked about her. They’d have the exact image: a house with stacks of newspapers and magazines touching the ceilings, bags of junk covering the floors, and old food rotting in the least likely of places. We’ve all seen hoarders and their homes on the various hoarder TV shows. But there aren’t any reality shows about people who have deliberately empty rooms. When people come to my mother’s house, they can’t comprehend that anyone would make a choice to live so sparingly.

Read it here: Mom’s Tossing Everything- Including Me  

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  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser Rose and commented:
    The latest identified disorder–anti-hoarding; “Imagine living somewhere where there weren’t the basic comforts: no fans in the hot summer, no toaster, no blender, no tea kettle, no streaming, no Internet, no pots, no pans and no hair dryers. It’s indoor camping without the benefit of beautiful scenery.”


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