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12 Things I’ve Learned from Living in Albania for 12 Months

So proud of my niece Annsleigh as she finishes her first year as a Peace Corps volunteer in Albania. Beautiful, young sister siren!

Peacing it Together: 27 Months in Albania

A year ago today, I landed in Tirana with my fellow group 17ers. My expectations were vague, and my heart was adventurous. To some degree, my decision to join Peace Corps was sprung from my desire to search for… something, but I didn’t know what that thing was. The name of this blog reflects the idea that, for me, this journey is some kind of crazy puzzle and that everyday I have to look for small parts of the unknown whole. I’m about halfway through this journey, which means I have many pieces left to find, but it is nonetheless a good opportunity to reflect on some discoveries I’ve made along the way.

Here are 12 things I’ve learned from living in Albania for 12 months:

  1. My concept of friendship has changed. I have been blessed with wonderful friends my whole life, but Albania changed the way I look at…

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