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Oppressed Majority

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On what seems to be just another ordinary day, a man is exposed to sexism and sexual violence in a society ruled by women.

Watch French actress, writer, and director Eleonore Pourriat’s thought-provoking 10-minute film that exposes the day-to-day discrimination and horror many women experience through the lens of a sympathetic male protagonist– “Oppressed Majority.”

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  1. What is most interesting to me is that it seems even such a talented actress, writer, and director cannot imagine a sympathetic male protagonist (or any other male protagonist) unless he is made the substitute for stay-at-home mom. Why? Because men simply aren’t treated this way. Only women are. There is no other role a man could have where he would be treated this way. The male actor even acts so-called womanly: waltzing on while pushing the pram, not having a sharp thought in his head. If that doesn’t illustrate the problem with the patriarchy, what will?


    • What I like about the film is that it does take the patriarchy idea and turn it on it’s head–highlighting how ridiculous it is–but Suzannah, you’re absolutely right. The film is still completely and totally stereotypical in it’s portrayal of how incompetent and unable we (“woman”) are in standing up for ourselves. Even the “men” in the video are highly stereotyped. There’s no complexity or grey area with any of the characters, which is a shame. There are plenty of women (and men!) who have to deal with the same or similar discrimination issues who hold respectable jobs, may not be mothers, and have learned how to fight back. To be honest–I’m more interested in their stories.


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