Find of the Week: “A Beautiful Wit is a Power”

A dead serious discussion about the power of women to make others laugh from She Writes Radio. You’ll find it as timely now, (e.g. during the debate about hiring black women on SNL), as it was three years ago.

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“Why is there still this myth that women have no sense of humor when actually we’re hysterical, but it somehow doesn’t translate to the culture at large?”

“Are women funny? These women are ample proof in the affirmative. Join Gina Barreca, author, most recently, of of “I’m Not That Bitter,” Mishna Wolff, author of “I’m Down,” and Erin Hosier, literary agent to many very funny women writers in discussion with Kamy Wicoff on She Writes.”

They also talk with Roxane Gay, author of “Ayiti,” co-editor of Pank, and raucous blogger.



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