“Newsflash: It’s hard to be a writer!”

by Brooke Warner via She Writes

The business keeps evolving.

The business keeps evolving.

“This past Sunday’s New York Times opinion page ran another one of those sky-is-falling publishing op-eds that always raise my hackles. Writers eat this stuff up; it seems to serve as some sort of validation for why it’s so fricking hard.

“This particular op-ed, “The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Reader,” by OR Books co-publisher Colin Robinson, is ostensibly about how readers are disappearing (although it’s really about the fact that so many people publishing books makes it hard for writers to stand out and Robinson is really bummed about it). Even if you ignore the statistics Robinson cites in his own piece—that profits are steady at the big houses—there is ample evidence out in the world that in fact readership is at least steady, if not on the rise. It just looks different than it used to.” Read more . . .

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  1. Reblogged this on Lisa Lanser-Rose and commented:
    “We need to be very careful when we read and share these kinds of articles and op-eds to not engage in the propagation of this sky-is-falling mentality. The sky is not falling. You, as writers and authors, have agency.”


  2. I agree that it is hard to be a writer, especially in this day and age, where there is so much competition, from internet appeal to self-publishing. I have a literary review blog, so I enjoy reading pieces like this. It’s very refreshing. Keep writing!


  3. I agree with the word ‘refreshing’ in the comment above. Although I too feel overwhelmed at times too, I am not missing the Old School ways. There were too many closed doors back then, as noted in this bracingly optimistic post. Better more open doors, like this new blog TheGloriaSirens…


    • Elizabeth, I’m glad you mentioned “bracingly optimistic.” Just as Brooke Warner mentions above, the has gotten overwhelming. We need to be reminded that there are more opportunities. So glad you’re here to help us hold this new door open wide.


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