Don’t Look Back

There was once a time when I did not live without the specter of illness around every corner? I lived a life that wasn’t conditional on the spread of a virus? I spent almost five decades making plans that weren’t likely to be cancelled anywhere, any time, with little notice, because of a nasal-swabbed test result? Could it be true?

How To Stay Up Late: A New Year’s Guide for the Tired, the Faded, and the Jaded

New Year’s Eve is like an overtired child having a meltdown in a public place. It wants what it can never have. It arches its back and screams in a way that makes bystanders turn away in disgust and pity. Although this night seems to promise Gatsbyesque reveling in an evening dressed in sparkles and bubbles, most people report a rather disappointing history with the turn of the year celebration. The key is to get hold of the situation before it gets hold of you. First of all, if you haven’t made a plan yet, you’re screwed. It’s New Year’s Eve! But perhaps it’s not too late if you follow my basic directions and trouble-shooting tips below.