On the Writing Process

I don’t believe there is a strategy that guarantees success, and the things we are so often told to do—because successful writers do them—may not be universal. That is, we think they’re successful strategies because successful writers engage in them, but what if they just work particularly well for those particular writers? What if our own individual processes must be designed specifically for us, an extension of who we are and also a creation of our own weird and wondrous imaginations?
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Butterflies at Christmas, Indeed!

Today, December 24, I have 24 monarch butterfly chrysalises, one of which is about to eclose and become a #ChristmasEveButterfly any minute now. Today, I released three butterflies. Within five days, there should be a dozen more new butterflies– and then nine more butterflies after that. And that’s only what I have indoors.

It’s officially winter. At some point, this has to stop, right?