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How to Avoid the Blinking Cursor of Death — Meet The Sirens

Are you among the many new fans of Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman? She is an exquisite talent and storyteller. She is obviously gifted. While her talent may have been born, it was also formed.  Specifically by the LA based WriteGirl, a group of professional women writers who help next generation of girls find their voice. Amanda Gorman started with WriteGirl at age 14. She was surrounded by other girls working on their writing and coached by professionals screenwriters, novelists and poets. She was formed there. 

Having a tribe is something we writers talk about a lot.  Finding or creating a coven of writers who join around the fire circle with you and listen to your stories, comment, share, and ask questions is vital to not only finding your voice but forming it. That writer’s tribe is one of the reasons The Gloria Sirens was formed.

Sirens Suzanne Heagy, Alice Fairfax, Lisa Lanser Rose, Leslie Salas, Ann LaBar

This week The Gloria Sirens appeared on fellow Siren’s podcast StoryMaven with Alice Fairfax. Take a listen as we talk about writing on a deadline, accountability, protecting your creative time, the skill gap, and writer superstitions like when, how and with whom to talk about a piece. One thing we all agree on — we firmly believe that group accountability is the thing that helps each of us pick up our pens and write, thus conquering the blinking cursor of death. 

Check out our conversation at StoryMaven Podcast with Alice Fairfax on iTunes, Spotify or visit

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