Sister Sirens

Who Killed Virginia Woolf? CW: suicide; ableism; sexual abuse

Karrie Higgins writes a powerful multimodal lyrical essay response to a triggering, ability essay recently circulating the web. With raw honesty, intense detail, a stack of medical and police records, and echoes from Virgina Woolf, she shows us what it means to live life disabled, to live life after abuse, to live a life ticking away under the threat of terminal illness, and to still be brave, bear witness, and shed light on the hard truths of reality.

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  1. If we look at history we can see that a great many famous people had a mental problem, mild or severe, and anyway they will leave their mark on the pages of history,
    Does not mean everyone with a disability, is a burden on society,
    Sometimes they contribute to society than anyone else,