Sirens Go For It: Pumped Project Planning

Do you want more support in achieving your creative and professional goals–especially if those dreams meet with discouragement from the people around you and the culture at large? Are you having trouble believing in yourself? Does your courage fail you?

Well, we’re creating a Facebook group just for you, sister.

Inspired by the principals of  The Gloria Sirens, we sisters band together to inspire, impress, and support each other in our strivings, whatever our goals and hurdles might be. We encourage each other to break big dreams into small steps, set and hit realistic deadlines, and take chances emboldened by each other’s cheering. With kindness, we share ideas, advice, and forgiveness. Whether you want to submit work to magazines, apply for graduate school or grants and fellowships or jobs, or to launch fund-raisers and websites and ad campaigns, we’re here to help you GO FOR IT!

If you want to join, find us on Facebook at, ask to join, and we’ll go for it together!

Here are our sweet and simple rules:


1. Support is primary. Acknowledge the other person’s goals and remember to point out why they will work or are important—sometimes we can’t see the strengths in our own ideas and plans.
2. Ask questions and make suggestions—don’t criticize. (Most of us are already our own harshest critics.)
3. Update us with progress and new ideas: aim for once a week.
4. If you disagree, be respectful. Avoid long arguments/debates in the comments.
5. Disrespectful, petty, mean, aggressive, or just vaguely hostile comments and posts will be deleted.

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