Sister Sirens

“Being Female” by Eileen Myles

female-454868_1920We (the Sirens) came across this piece by Eileen Myles recently. Yes, it may be 4 years old, but we wish it was 50 years old, or 100 years old–because it’s still all too true. Read it in its entirety, of course (it’s not that long), but here are some quotes that made us wince/sigh/nod:

“The more culturally generous moment we’re all missing (whether it ever truly happened or not) was tied to a booming economy. Men weren’t actually sharing space in the 70s and 80s—the doors just got a little wider for a while. And now that there’s less money to go around in book publishing and the surrounding media it seems like what’s getting shoved out is women.”

“Is writing just a job. Writing books, writing poems. If it is then the message to women is to go elsewhere. But they can go to hell—these messengers, the collective whoever or whatever that is saying it. I don’t believe that this is a job. I think writing is a passion. It’s an urge as deep as life itself. It’s sex. It’s being and becoming. If you write, then writing is how you know.”

“I mean and there’s just always a danger if you’re a feminist that you’re also a lesbian (I am) and the only way to really make it clear that you are not that (or that “it” means nothing) is to firmly vote with the guys, kid with them, and be willing to laugh at other women (to demonstrate that you have “a sense of humor”) and not push too hard to include women in anything.”

“But I want to be loved because I am. That’s all.”

Read the whole piece here.

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