Sister Sirens

Sirens and Sisters Kick Essay Ass

fireworks-879461_1280Readers, take a look at the soon to be released Best American Essays, edited by Ariel Levy, and you’ll find not only amazing pieces and authors selected for inclusion, but an awe-inspiring list of notables. And guess what? Our own siren Lisa Lanser Rose is on that notables list! And it just so happens that three of those notable essays–Marcia Aldrich’s “Enough,” Debra Monroe’s “One The Down-Low,” and Lisa Lanser Rose’s “Turnpike Psycho”–were published in a single issue of The Florida Review by the discerning editor Jocelyn Bartkevicius. We look forward to more great writing from Jocelyn, as she has recently stepped away from editing.

Congratulations all around, and we’re glad that Ariel Levy and the Best American Essays recognized so much great writing by women!

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