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Reblog: It Is Never Too Late To Feel Beautiful or To Be Courageous

When is the last time you put yourself out there and tried something you wanted to do but felt timid or afraid to try?  I’m inspired by Tracey, who is 51 and has recently started modeling.  (That takes courage for sure!)


It Is Never Too Late To Feel Beautiful or To Be Courageous

Reblogged From Laissez Faire: Letting Life Lead

It can be a really hard thing to take a risk and put yourself out there.    There is always the possibility that the naysayers are right, or that the little voice in your head gets to say, “I told you so.”    There comes a point where life has too many “I wish I hads” and you just have had enough of being afraid.…Continue reading


tracey age 51


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  1. My mother became a model in her sixties. A photographer used her in AARP and Del Webb advertisements. There’s more opportunities than we tend to think. I always wanted to be a Muppeteer. I’m in my fifties–is it too late?


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