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Taking Charge–the Surprise Success of the Sirens

Me at the helm of The Patna, James Morrow's house boat. Click to visit "The Island of James Morrow" and discover the intrepid Chloe Bathurst in GALAPAGOS REGAINED.

Me at the helm of The Patna, James Morrow’s house boat. Click this image to visit “The Island of James Morrow” and meet the intrepid Chloe Bathurst in GALAPAGOS REGAINED.

We launched The Gloria Sirens a year ago, partly in response to the VIDA Count. We envisioned a forum for women writers to collaborate, embolden, and inspire. Month after month we watched our blog stats vacillate, but overall, the wind was in our favor and the frigate birds led the way. Alone we might never have enjoyed this success, but by sailing together, collaborating, sharing the work load, doling courage to each other, and giving voice to other women in whom we believed, we managed to lure more and more of you into smashing your precious time upon the rocks of our words. Last month, WordPress named us a WordPress Recommended Magazine.

Gloria Sirens business cards-001Most delightfully mystifying, we’re fast becoming one of the hottest magazines on the list–we’re already among the top three. Hopefully, it’s not just because we slipped a little nip into our logo.

Since none of us Sirens has a clue what we’re doing, we’ve had to adapt fast. Like you, we have jobs, kids, mates, and yoga mats we don’t unroll often enough. Our own creative aspirations get angry and won’t answer our texts. Still, this work has been worth it. Thanks to the this forum, we wrote things we never would’ve written, took chances we never would’ve taken, and sang for audiences we never would’ve moved any other way, and who, in turn, have moved us, making us feel loved, understood, talented, and brave.

Siren Summit, June 2014 (Naturally, mine's the naked one.)

Siren Summit, June 2014 (Naturally, mine’s the naked one.)

Every now and then, someone asks how she can become a Gloria Siren. I’ll be damned if I know. I graduated high school thirty-five years ago, and it took me this long to get in with the cool clique. Will someone please design us jackets like the Pink Ladies? We have business cards, but maybe we need a line of thongs (I meant flip-flops, like the one in the bottom of the photo). Knowing us, we’ll end up with our own wine label. A throaty red, of course.

If you want to be a Siren, I want that for you. We used to accept submissions and queries, but the load threatened to sink us. There must be a way to open the deck to more contributors without tipping the ship. To that end, we’re holding our third “Siren Summit” this weekend to brainstorm ways to better serve our readers and the voices we mean to empower. For now, though, the best way to sing with us is to get discovered by us.

One click on the header “Sister Sirens,” will show you that we post work by any woman who’s touched, impressed, and inspired us. This category also includes posts by guest writers. I love that this project  allows us to amplify the voices of women of all walks and ages. We’re keen to give the stage to young women and any others who might get silenced.

There’s only so much room in the captain’s quarters. Access to the inner Siren Sanctum has been fluid and by invitation only. As each Siren’s involvement rises and falls with her own storms and tides, some beloved Sirens have come and gone and may come again. We seem to sail best with seven central Sirens at the helm. Any more in the wheel house, and we rub up too much. Our bras get tangled. Any fewer, and someone falls into the drink.

Mick, fetch!

This is Mick. Whatever you do, don’t look into his eyes.

Because it’s a new year for us all, this month our theme is “Taking Charge.” We can’t control all forces in our lives, but we try to increase the odds of thriving and helping others to thrive. How can you best take charge of your time and energy? Was there a time in your life when you did take control, or didn’t and should have–or shouldn’t have? Is there Border Collie who’s hypnotized you into becoming his zombie ball-throwing bitch? This month, we focus on how to harness the winds of time to sail us on our best adventures.

If you have any ideas, we want to hear them. Comment here, or on our Facebook page. How can we best sing together?

Let’s get heard.

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