Sister Sirens

October: Believe-It-Or-Not Night Terrors

by Jesse Draper

by Jesse Draper

This month, join us for a month of believe-it-or-not night terrors, everything that scares us silly, blows our minds, and reminds us we’re lucky to be alive.

They used to say that on Halloween night the join between the living and the dead was loose; there was a tear in the fabric of space-time.

On that night fools walking in the dark might follow a will-o’-the-wisp, slip through the tear, and disappear.

On that night the souls of the dead wandered among us, witches took the shape of beetles and passed through the keyholes of locked rooms, cows were heard to speak in their barns, bats swooped and ate the souls of the dead like so many gnats.

Come autumn, when the wind blows hot, then cold, then hot again, when plants that had browned suddenly bloom, you can feel the tear in the fabric howl wide open.

This month, The Gloria Sirens and their sisters fly right through.


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