Sister Sirens

8 Reasons Why I’m Not Having Children

“Why am I asked to defend my choice on a regular basis? And why is my husband — who has made the same choice — never publicly shamed as I am?

“This is why we need feminism: Even with all our technological, social and cultural developments, having children is still the default option in a woman’s life trajectory.”

by Sezin Koehler

photo by Angie Garrett

photo by Angie Garrett

“You’ll be missing out.”
“You’ll never understand the meaning of life.”
“You’ll be incomplete.”
“You’ll regret it when you’re old.”
“You’ll change your mind.”
“You’ll never be a real woman.”
“You’ll never truly understand love.”

I’ve been on the receiving end of these statements because I’ve chosen not to bear children.

My reasons to remain childfree are plentiful (and nobody’s business). Yet I’m constantly asked to justify my choice.

Here’s a sampling: read more at the Huffington Post

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