Congrats to Sirens Katie Riegel, Lisa Lanser Rose, and Sister Sirens

Great Day for Women Writers!

Click to order and subscribe!

Click to order and subscribe!

We’re proud to announce that Katie Riegel, many sister Sirens, and I have work appearing this stunning issue of The Florida Review. It is packed cover-to-cover with some of the most powerful writing by women I’ve ever seen collected in one place.

Of 38 contributors, 23 are women. Editor, Jocelyn Bartkevicius, and Assistant Editors, Ariel Johnson and Siren Leslie Salas, have labored with love, wisdom, and persistence to make this issue the formidable collection it is. VIDA will be proud.

Bartkevicius has penned an unforgettably potent introduction, a lovely essay in itself, “Writer as Witness,” which will also be the subject of one of our panels at The Other Words Conference in Saint Augustine this fall.

Buy it, subscribe, read it, and wonder–you won’t regret it. You’ll be moved and inspired. Now go forth and do likewise: read, write, submit!

Women in these pages:

2013 Editors Awards


Lisa Lanser Rose, “Turnpike Psycho”

Tanya Bomsta, “Traditions”


Rachel Borup, “Crash”


Tanya Grae, “Like Darwin’s Finches,” “Verbal Abuse,” Cage Sonnet”


Bonnie J. Rough, “Reveal”

Debra Monroe, “On the Down-Low”

Patricia Foster, “About Last Night”

Kathryn Winograd, “Of Wind and Fire”

Freya Gibbon, “On Failure”

Katherine Riegel, “The Temple Stairs”

Marchia Aldrich, “Enough”


Florence Fogelin, “Once It Stops”

Jody A. Zorgdrager, “March News”

Shivani Mehta, “Letter to Grandmamma #9,” “The Blackbirds”

Terri Witek, “Sex Dream With Lightning,” “Unfinished Sex Dream”

Alexandra Teague, “At the Isis Theater”

Catherine Chiodo, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”

Rochelle Hurt, “Self-Portrait in Imalone, Wisconsin,” “Self-Portrait in Miracle, Kentucky”


Evelyn Somers, “A Little Neglect May Breed Mischief”

Carrie Messenger, “World’s Oldest Living Musician”


Nancy Griffin on Hull Creek, by Tim Nichols

Dianne Turgeon Richardson on Red Army Red, By Jehanne Dubrow

Sarah Karpovich on Her Familiars, by Jane Satterfield


Jocelyn Bartkevicius, Editor

Leslie Salas, Assistant Editor

Ariel Johnson, Assistant Editor

Jen McClanaghan, Poetry Editor

Dianne Turgeon Richardson, Managing Editor

Lana Ghannam, Managing Editor

Ilyse Kusnetz, Book Review Editor



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