Suzannah's Voice

I’ve Worked Everywhere, Man!

by Suzannah Gilman


Ah, Labor Day, a day to pay tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

What have I contributed?  A whole lotta stuff, in little bits.

Like the places in the Johnny Cash song, “I’ve Been Everywhere, Man,” the places I’ve worked comprise quite the list.  Here are the ones I remember:

  1. Country Style Donuts – cashier, waitress
  2. Yesteryear’s at Winter Park Mall – waitress
  3. The Shirt Farm – silkscreener making Panama Jack t-shirts
  4. Waffle House – waitress (I was fired; “You’re not Waffle House material” was meant to be an insult, but it’s a quote I remember when I’m feeling down.)
  5. Lee’s Famous Fried Chicken – cashier
  6. Treasure Chest Marketing – phone solicitor selling coupon books
  7. The Sodfather – laying sod (in Florida! in the summer!) (That’s not really the name of the business.  I can’t remember it.)
  8. Northgate Theater – concession worker
  9. JC Penny  – catalog department associate, inventory staff, floater
  10. Irvin B. Green & Associates – receptionist
  11. Central Florida Lighting – secretary  piggly-wiggly-white-3416758-o
  12. Food truck – the food truck driver, cashier, whatever
  13. Car dealership – marketing assistant for special promotions
  14. I was a Tupperware lady!
  15. American Arbitration Association – case administrator
  16. Starlight International – independent rep selling ephedra products
  17. Three separate daycares – daycare worker
  18. Puff n’Stuff Catering – holiday server & supervisor
  19. Crafter – sold my crafts in a shop in Oviedo
  20. Oviedo Barber Shop – weekly cleaning
  21. Babysitter – from the time I was 7
  22. Lawyer – commercial real estate, domestic violence, family law, general litigation
  23. Freelance writer – for Scouting Magazine and CharismaLife Publishers
  24. Personal assistant
  25. Angel’s Diner in Kissimmee – waitress to hordes of tourists
  26. Orange Co. Convention Center – banquet serverSANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
  27. Pinnacle Printing and Marketing – staff editor and writer for natural health products
  28. Art Services – inventoried at an art gallery
  29. Piggly Wiggly – cashier and deli worker


What jobs did you have?  I’d love to read your lists in the comments.





barber shop

phone solicitor



daycare lunchroomdiaper change


woman lawyer



laying sod






movie theater














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  1. It’s funny that this should be the title of your blog. I too have worked at a multitude of different places. Recently I applied to Waffle House as a server, The restaurant manager loved me and hired me on the spot. However, the district manager, who had the final say in my future, told me “You’re just not Waffle House material.”


    • It is a great compliment, isn’t it? And you’re so right that it should have been the title! Maybe I’ll change it. Great suggestion.


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