101 Reasons You Can’t Have a Border Collie (But I Can)

“Another huge perk is that, unlike uber-gifted children, before they grow up and go off to college to scare the cr*p out of you by changing their majors and their genders, they die.”

Warnings on all the Border collie websites boil down to:

1780891_10203424378996126_2110332612_n#1. Border collies are maniacs, and no sane person wants one.

#2. Border collies are the coolest dogs in the world, and you aren’t worthy.

It leads you to conclude that only narcissistic know-it-alls get to have crazy-cool smart dogs, and you don’t. The reasons they give you look like this:

#3. You Don’t Have the Right Stuff

In order to acquire a Border collie, you need to prove that you have:

    • a fenced yard,
    • eight to ten free hours a day,
    • your own sheep farm, or at least your own agility course,
    • a degree in law, veterinary medicine, ethics, animal behavior, sports management, cognitive psychology, and a minor in canine culinary science and nutrition,
    • no children, cats, computers, or other distractions, Continue reading–>

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