Sister Sirens

A 1/4 Mile Left To Go

Beautiful piece on how very crucial soul friends are in our lives. Thanks, fabulous Susan Casey!


woman in riverOne gorgeous sun-drenched day you’re floating on your back, satiated by the cool water on your body. Two short minutes later, your life is pitched over a cliff, and you’re slogging through a shitty river with aching bones and bloodied feet.

As soul-sisters, we can’t step inside each other’s shoes. But you can bet your aching ass, we’re walking beside you on the riverbank, pulling the trigger on the flare gun to light up a piece of the sky, guiding you home. Maybe we can’t hold hands while you slip and slide over jagged stones, dragging your deflated self through the muck, but feel our spirit, sister. We’re your crutch when you’re sure you’ll be sucked under and drown in the depths of your grief. We’re the brace for your cracked heart. We’re the voice in your head, whispering, “I know how strong you are. I know you can make…

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  1. I kind of enjoy the irony of the questions marks when the writer’s voice is so clear and definite. This is something we all need to hear at one time or another. Thinking maybe Robin B. needs to hear it today.


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