Take it Off to Play it Safe–Wuh?

“Feel free to sexually harass me if you’re a  male.”

Tumblr chickRead this  young woman’s account of a conversation with her school principal in which she tries to help him think critically and compassionately about the way the way he speaks to his student body. She wants him to admit his language perpetuates dangerous stereotypes. And he just can’t do it. Yet.



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      • Yes, she will. Hey, have you heard my James Patterson story? Sitting next to me at dinner, he had the bad fortune of thinking I would agree with or at least appreciate his comments that women shouldn’t be making movies like BRIDESMAIDS, because that’s the kind of movie that should be about men. Well, hooo-kay, asshole, it’s on! He went on to say that boys are more aggressive than girls and that teachers try to make boys behave in classrooms, which upsets them and that’s why they act out against girls. Seriously, this uber-rich author is the scaliest, ugliest dinosaur I’ve come across. If you parse his argument, you’ll see that the reason women are raped is because teachers try to make boys behave. Sheesh.