Tiffany Razzano

Tiffany RazzanoBorn and raised in New York – and she will gladly remind you of this any chance she gets – Tiffany Razzano currently resides in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Graduating in 2004 with a B.A. in creative writing and no real ambitions other than to become the female Augusten Burroughs, she accidentally fell into journalism when she began writing CD reviews for her college paper. Nearly a decade and several newspapers later, she wonders why her novel is half-finished and how she fell in love with journalism.

Sometimes she wishes she were a ‘70s style reporter, living in gritty and crime-ridden New York City. She’d spend her evenings at the dive bar down the street, wearing a stained and rumpled shirt, drinking her whiskey straight and damning the red tape, the corruption at City Hall and how jaded she’s become by all the crime she’s had to cover over the years. Unfortunately, working for publications on Long Island and in Florida does not lend itself to this scenario. She has, however, met Joan Jett.

Recently, she outlined her life goals: 1. Become a media mogul. 2. Get a catch phrase. 3. Become critically acclaimed. 4. Be given a key to the city. (Any city, as long as she’s not the one stuck locking up every night.)

Currently, she’s an editor with Tampa Bay Newspapers, a group of weekly newspapers, and a blog editor for Creative Loafing, focusing on LGBT issues, events, and arts and entertainment. She’s also currently working on a collection of humorous personal essays and blogs at Have Vagina, Will Travel.

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