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Blue Canaries

My fiancĂ© arrives home from a twelve hour shift. He left in the pre-dawn darkness, and has arrived after winter’s dusk.

“Who died?” I ask when I greet him at the door, motioning to the black band across his badge. A thin blue line on the band serves as a marker for his profession.

“The deputy in Leon Country,” he says, leaving his boots by the door. “You didn’t hear?”

“No,” I say. “What happened?”

He tells me about the fire and the ambushed deputies, and I’m reminded of the nickname firefighters have given cops–blue canaries.

Picky Eater

As a young child, I was known for being headstrong and stubborn. My mother was not to assist my stubby, inexperienced fingers as I attempted–and frequently failed–to get my frilled socks on […]