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Alice Fairfax

A published author and professional actor, Alice holds a BA from Rollins College and a certificate in Creativity & Innovation from the Walt Disney Company and Harvard Business School. She coaches businesses and individuals on telling your best story, discovering your creativity and challenging your thinking.
Alice shares the funny and amazing stories about parenting Henry, her adult son who has autism and is a talk show host. Think Anne LaMott and Bette Midler raising the offspring of Rainman and David Letterman. Find her at

500 Lifetimes and Trying to Find My Own

I was looking for comfort of some kind when I read a friend and fellow writer’s post. He wrote that this is something that I am “500 lifetimes away from understanding.” He was saying it to the world, to white people, but I took it personally.  I hope that was his intention because it is changing me. Maybe trying to understand isn’t the best goal. Maybe taking it personally is a better one.