Katie's Voice

Winter Solstice with the Sirens

Hi friends! So our fearless leader, Lisa, has done a winter solstice ceremony in some form for over a decade, and we decided to invite you all this year!

The longest night of the year can be a time for reflection, introspection, rest, and renewal. You might think of it as the earth taking a big, deep, centering breath–in preparation for the coming new year, full as it will be with joys and sorrows, plans that come to fruition and failures that teach us just how resilient we are. We can also take that breath and renew our connections with each other and with the world through a simple, thoughtful ceremony.

DATE: December 21, 2022

TIME: 7pm Eastern. It will likely take about one hour.

PLACE: Zoom. If you get our newsletter, you will get directions for receiving the Zoom link there. (On our home page, look on the left side of the page, enter your email just above the blue box that says “Join our MailChimp audience” and then click that blue box.) Unfortunately, posting the link in this post has a greater possibility of leading to meeting crashers. So sign up for the newsletter asap! And if you miss that and know one of us personally, email us and we’ll set you up.

WHAT TO HAVE READY: A candle, matches/lighter, writing paper, a pen or pencil, a “burn bowl” (i.e. something in which to safely burn paper), and low light–perhaps illuminating your rooms with candles and Christmas lights only. You might also want your favorite food and drink on hand. This is a celebration, after all.

And if you can’t join us, we hope you take some time to reflect on what you want your life to be. Try to be open and hopeful, not self-critical. Don’t fetter yourself by being “realistic,” either. Imagination can populate the dark with wonders.

Please join the conversation!

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