Do you ever look back at when you first started writing—college or high school or even before that—and remember the joy that writing itself brought you? Do you remember how it felt to separate the creation of something from the publication of it? To focus yourself on having fun, trying out new things, discovering insights your conscious mind wasn’t quite aware of? To connect with that mystery all artists are trying to explain, the weird and awful and wonderful nature of the human experience?

Well, I do. And I think a lot of other creative folks do, too. These days, I can stop myself before I even start writing, by letting thoughts of comparison with other writers seep in (I’m not as good as X, or as lucky as Y, or as connected with the literary world as Z), or by letting my inner critic go to town on each sentence as I’m thinking it, or by worrying that I’m just repeating myself in every poem, or…

But I think it’s possible to recapture creative joy. More than that, I think it’s necessary. 

So at The Gloria Sirens, we’ve decided to talk about that very issue.

We will be holding monthly virtual salons for creative women, starting June 1st, 2022, 8pm Eastern Time, and thereafter every first Wednesday TUESDAY of the month. (Next Siren Salon is July 5th!)

These will be discussions on a topic of interest to creative women, led by one of us or another creative woman with a specific expertise.

I’ll start, with a discussion of Creative Joy. We’ll have everyone briefly introduce themselves (videos ON, because this is about community), I’ll introduce the topic and share some strategies, and then we’ll open to discussion. For this first salon, we’ll leave it open to anyone who wishes to attend; if there are too many people for a meaningful connection, we may limit participation in the future. 

To get the Zoom link during the day on June 1st, make sure to sign up for our brand new TGS newsletter below. Use an email address that you actually check; we promise not to overload your inbox. 

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We’re looking forward to seeing your faces and hearing your brilliant insights!

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  1. I am looking forward to this discussion as I have been thinking a lot about this duality of feelings I experience about writing poetry. Thank you for presenting a salon on this topic.I am sure many poets fell this conflict.

    Evelyn Ann Romano


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