Ann's Voice

A Visit from St. Covid?

It was the night before Xmas, and somewhere ’round here
I sat alone with a drink, you know, holiday cheer.
Forgot to send cards, forgot the holiday
Forgot the manger, the baby, and that it was Thursday..
The hub was Zooming with his brother, I think.
I got up to make another drink.
Plugged in the tree, decorated haphazardly with energy
saving LEDs. So festive, eh, sort of—no one else would see.
The youngest has Covid-19 and still quarantined.
The eldest, a barista who might be positive/symptom free
is not coming home, he says, for our protection, of course—

Oh screw it, 2020, masks, death, and elections.
Merry F*&^ing Xmas and Hope for an Effective Vaccine

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