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Our 1st Audio Interview: Tenea D. Johnson!

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Tenea D. Johnson, click to learn more

I’m excited to launch The Gloria Sirens’ first audio interview! Join me for a sit-down with SF author and musician, Tenea D. Johnson. She’s a compassionate, industrious, multi-media innovator pushing the boundaries between music and language in the digital age. As such, she’s the perfect guest for our first foray into the audio medium.

Join us as we discuss her curated StoryBundle* Innovative Worlds.  “Innovation can mean the difference between progress and stagnation, wonder and woe, seeing the return of dim days or a new age of enlightenment. An innovative world is one where you can immerse yourself and learn something new, see a trope turned on its head, meet characters that will frequent the passages of your mind, navigating by the spark of newness they carry through the gloom.” Check it out ASAP–it’s only available through 8/27/2020!

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We also discuss her new novel, Blueprints for Better Worlds, the hows and whys of what she writes, and how she publishes and promotes her work in ways that help other writers succeed and achieve creative independence. Blueprints features two African American teenage girls building their own spaceship to escape a ravaged planet Earth. “I think of Blueprints as my portal project. It’s the one that lies between the world we have and the one we want. Inside it you’ll find a link between them.”

Listen here:

About Tenea D. Johnson

Johnson’s work has appeared in Mothership: Tales of AfrofuturismAfrican VoicesArise, and Humanities in the South, Sycrorax’s Daughters, Contemporary American Women Poets, Shades of Blue and Gray, Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III and Necrologue, among others. She is the author  of a poetry/short prose collection, Starting Friction as well as the novels Smoketown, R/evolution, and Evolution.

So many accomplishments and more to come!

Smoketown won the Carl Brandon Parallax Award, and R/evolution received an honorable mention the same year.

But wait, there’s more! November 2020 will see the publication of a short story collection, Broken Fevers.

Again, here’s the link for the bundle:

*What’s a StoryBundle? Maybe you want to make one. Find out more.

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