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Halloween Spooky Story – Tinnitus

Recently, I had the honor of having a short story I wrote called Tinnitus featured on one of my favorite podcasts, Creepy! I’m going to be providing you with a link here, but you can access the episode wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Creepy is a podcast that narrates scary stories and urban legends from around the world with a cast of excellent voice talent, and expert sound editing. Of course, I hope you’ll listen to MY story, but I highly encourage you to check out their other episodes too. Episodes are generally short, the perfect way to add a little fun chill to your day!

by Andy Bewer

“Tinnitus” is a (fictional) story I wrote about a medical condition I was born with, tinnitus, which causes people to hear a constant sound, like static or pinging, and the ways in which the sound can cause you distress. Before I spoil any more, here’s where you can check it out for yourself!


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