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How the Unorganized Stay That Way

My pinterest page has over six hundred “how to bullet journal” pins. From art, layout ideas, calligraphy, mood charts, goal setting, fitness tracker to websites that help chronic procrastinators set up effective and simple bullet lists. Increase productivity. Express yourself! Live and chart your creative life.

Sounds right up my alley.

I’m an artist of sorts. I understand color coding topics to keep things organized. I also thrive in chaos, deadline pressure, and self-doubt. In other words, a writer by profession.

I have always been a list maker. If fact, I have lists all over the house. I have at least five different to do apps on my phone. To deal with my onslaught of thoughts and ideas, I make  both electronic and “hard copy” notes in more places than I can remember to check.

I’ve been slowly returning to a paper calendar over time as I find that the act of physically writing things down helps me better remember them. Digitally tracking things doesn’t seem to “stick.”

Bullet journals offer a way to index ideas so that they are all in one place and easily reviewed and accessed. There are many books that tell you just how to do it. Just what I need. I have them all.

And all those beautiful examples on line! I’ve purchased stencils, stamp pads, various colored pens, rulers, and stickers. The BuJo (as they are commonly refered to) I envision is colorful, a pleasure to play in, a way to express myself.

And so, every day I spend the morning, dreaming, jotting things down, planning my day.  And by doing so effectively procrastinate until I can, maybe, get two things finished on my list of at least twenty to-do’s.

It is time I enjoy. It also keeps most deadlines front and center. It relaxes me. It is also a shit-show.

But it’s my shit-show and I embrace it.

I will never post beautiful monthly pages surrounded by hand drawn vines and morning glories. I will always procrastinate. I will occasionally miss an important deadline. But I love a note book and random colors that signify nothing. I can spend entire days numbering pages.

I am no poster child for better living through intelligent and efficient planning.  But it is an excuse to spend money on office supplies and plan a glorious future of shiny goals that may or may not ever happen. I can’t think of a more satisfying way to put off cleaning my house or feeding the children.

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  1. I will raise my glass to that! Beautifully stated, and an amazing representation of the messy artistic mindfully creative thinkers out here living the dream. I’m the epitome of that article and as hard as I’ve tried to be “more organized” or appear more together, the more I failed to live up to societies expectations and fell back down to where the universe finds me comfortable. I’m no longer fighting it but embracing my uniquely cluttered yet brilliant mind! Thank you


  2. Embracing one’s own shit show, so important for progress! Grateful to you for showing yours; this post is beautiful in its shitty-show-edness, and helps me love my own very different shit-show better. In the past I’ve been jealous of those who bujo, always meaning to getting around to doing it myself. Now, perhaps, you’ve helped me see that one shit-show is as good as another… with or without the hallowed bujo. Profound thanks for your honesty! To this, I can relate.


    • Yeah, I’m stacker. If I can’t see it, it doesn’t exist. And that’s how tidy-up husbands make it so I can’t find the bills to pay. It might be a mess…but I know where everything is. DON’T MOVE IT and STEP AWAY FROM THE DESK.


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