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  1. I can totally relate–well, not quite, but this is the first summer I’m letting my boys go riding their bikes around town without me. And it’s scary but I also want them to develop their independence and just be kids. Your post was such fun–I loved Knight Rider, too. And those great pics! Good luck, and I hope you all manage to enjoy the summer!


    • Hi Rebecca! Thank you for your kind comment. It’s funny–my girls have never learned to ride bikes, so I’ve never had the first rite of passage you’re having now. Maybe that’s why this is ten times harder. I don’t know. I remember riding my bike as a kid. At first I was only allowed around the block. My grandmother would watch out the window of our porch and come looking for me if I took longer than what she figured the ride should take. I wasn’t allowed to ride anywhere further for YEARS, though of course my friend and I did a bit of sneaking past allowable borders. I hope your sons have the best time exploring and being on their own, and that they save your heart any worry by taking just the right amount of time and not going too far. As far as the photos, I think finding them is harder than the writing! I’m glad you liked them! So far we’re having a very enjoyable summer. Fingers crossed it stays that way.


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