Katie's Voice

Moving: A Photo Essay

When you move with a Brit, the very first thing that must be set up in the new house is the tea making corner. This is our alternative tea set (kettle, teapot, and cubed sugar) because we still need tea at the old place.


Unpacking, especially when half your stuff has been in storage for two years, leads to thoughts of old friends. This mug is merchandise from my friend John Fleming’s book, Fearsome Creatures of Florida.


The Brit works hard—much harder than I do—and basically moves all the garage stuff on his own. It helps that the new house has built-in tool cabinets!


The first makeshift seating is for tea, of course, in the breakfast nook.


Loading my clothes into the car—it is an in-town move, so we don’t bother with all the fancy boxes, like wardrobe boxes—I sing the anthem of all movers: “I have too much stuff!”


Some family members are less than impressed with all the changes, and appear only briefly, with confused and outraged meowing.


Others take advantage of down time for much-needed rest.


Eventually the real teapot is unpacked.


And hospitality is extended to the birds.


Family heirlooms find their spots.


And the room that made you fall for the house reminds you of its charms in the late afternoon.


But don’t get too comfortable: the unpacking will go on for days (even weeks!) and there will always be that dreaded box…

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  1. Hello Ketie Riegel, what an organise way of moving. It’s motivating. Keep up and don’t give up the unpacking. The place is awesome and the room that made you fall for the house is outstanding.


  2. Loved it Katie–we will be doing this soon with over thirty years of “stuff.” And we’re a heck of a lot older! Love and blessings to you in your new space. May only good come here.


    • Good luck! It’s actually quite awful–so exhausting–but I think human nature helps our memories of physically awful times fade some…


  3. Hi Katie,
    Oh do you bring back memories. Growing up my dad was in the military and we moved every couple years. The most I lived in one place was four years. Even in my early years as an adult, I moved frequently to enhance my career. When I met my partner and now husband, we set down roots here in South Florida. We lived in one house for 16 years and moved into our current home 17 years ago. They will have to move me to a nursing home or the cemetery for my next move. Good luck in your new home.


    • I know there is one more move after this–we won’t want to retire in Memphis–but I hope I’ve forgotten how challenging this move was before I have to do it again! Thanks for commenting.


  4. Hi… im Sri from Indonesia.
    i like your writings and your photos are good. Great!!. so inspired me. I also like to write but somethime, i feel lost idea. can you give tips for good writing?.


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