Sister Sirens

Snow White

Hi friends–

I’m excited to share my poem, “Snow White,” from the current issue of Orion Magazine. It’s an absolutely stunning issue, and those of you who care about nature and the human relationship with the environment should run out and get your hands on it ASAP. In the meantime, you can read my poem by clicking here, and find more online content from the current issue by clicking here.

And here’s a small behind-the-scenes comment: I grew up in central Illinois, where there’s winter in abundance, in part because it’s so flat there’s nothing to stop the biting wind. Though now I live in the South, winter–and the cold and dark that descends at 4pm–lives inside me, as it lives inside all of us who have known that kind of cold. But so does hope, and the knowledge that spring will come, a time when all of us shivering mammals can emerge and claim our time again in the sun.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Because I am a native of New England and new to a foreign Southern climate, your poem resonated with me. I have now lived here for 2 winter seasons and I still find myself at odds with the lack of human “hibernation” that I had grown accustomed to for 54 years! There’s something about the deep darkness in December, the bright snow-filled landscape in January, the endless snow storms of February, and the longing for Spring in the mud and dirty slush of March that is oddly wonderful. But then again, nostalgia is painless!


  2. Your poem made me weep, as I know only too well of what you speak. So beautiful, I remain your forever fan.


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