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Sad farewell to a beautiful soul and a wondrous voice—The Gloria Sirens honor Ilyse Kusnetz

by Susan Lilley

The work of some poets is so intertwined with their authentic presence in the world that we can only marvel at the way their truth comes at us like a beam of light. Such a writer was Ilyse Kusnetz, who slipped the bonds of time on Tuesday after a three-year ordeal with cancer. Even in her time of illness, Ilyse was a conduit of love, hope, and above all, truth. Everyone who knew Ilyse can attest to her priceless qualities. But if I could create a personal Tarot card deck full of luminary people in my life, I would make Ilyse “The Encourager.”

ilyse-pictureThe last time I saw Ilyse, she was well aware that she probably didn’t have much time left to walk the earth with the rest of us. She was busy thinking about “other things,” including making wonderful pendant necklaces, each with clusters of charms that might speak specifically to one special friend or another. I chose one with a steampunk vibe and the background of a London post mark. It represents, among other things, my vision of Ilyse as a wanderer, her extensive travels with her husband, Brian Turner, both beautiful writers with their eyes open to the world. As we talked through the afternoon that late summer Sunday, I wanted to concentrate on her, how she felt, her fears, her wellbeing. I wanted to be there for HER. She wanted to talk about art, love, beauty, what matters beyond this day or any day. She was transcendent, teaching me like she has taught so many others, more urgently now. And like she always has, she encouraged. Despite her precarious hold on life, she was concerned about my work, how and where it was going. The fact that she believed in me as a writer has meant more to me over the years than I ever got a chance to tell her.

Ilyse brought joy in so many ways—her gentle but on-target humor, her uncompromising appraisal of the world and its doings, her loyal caring as a friend, her sense of delight and youthful fun. In my phone is one of my favorites texts from her as we planned a week in Ireland a few summers ago: “Last one to the pub is a rotten egg!” Her eyes shone with brilliance, but also with love for her life and her husband; I am so grateful to have been witness to one of the great marriages of true minds.

If you have never met or heard of Ilyse Kusnetz, you are fortunate that she left a body of work that can be discovered, savored. Her book Small Hours (Winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize) will speak for her. Along with other unforgettable work you can find online. Join me in honoring her by giving her gorgeous work its due. You can start here.

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  1. holy wow! Her poem is powerful truth-telling and your tribute is beautiful, Susan. Thank you for your words telling us about her in spite of or perhaps because of your grief.


  2. Reblogged this on I just have to say… and commented:
    Ilyse Kusnetz was not just the beautiful soul and mind Susan Lilley depicts here, she was the one responsible for me meeting my love by bringing him to my town to read his poetry. She left her mark on this world with her own poetry, and she’s left her mark on me.


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