Sister Sirens

“Alfred Ring Park,” a video poem

by Heather Jones

I make my online Creative Writing class do a video poem, and so I felt I should do one myself. I wrote the first draft of the poem at Alfred Ring Park, but in grand Hollywood tradition (Cold Mountain was actually filmed in Romania), I filmed it at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve.

I used iMovie, and tears were shed–it’s really hard to edit video. Because the video camera looked like a flip phone to me, I’d filmed it sideways. But I righted the images, got rid of an airplane sound, added waves, recorded my voice, and then slowed the video. I tried not to make it too “on the nose;” in some places the imagery matches the words, but in most, it doesn’t. I wanted the images and the words to have the same tone, rather than the same exact meaning.

There’s something magic about pairing words and moving images. I hope to do more.

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  1. I watched this once then closed my eyes and watched it again, concentrating more on your words than at first. You created a lovely picture. This is a treasure. I especially enjoyed the toads at the end.


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