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Reading Resolutions: Our Shared Shelf, a Feminist Book Club by Emma Watson

Most of us try to start a new year by beginning (or maintaining) a healthy habit that will last the whole year long. Usually it’s fitness, nutrition, self-care, or productivity-related. Those are all great goals, if that’s something you’re working toward. But if you haven’t quite decided on what project you’d like to start in the new year, consider this: Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf, a Goodreads feminist book club hosted by Hermione herself as part of her UN Women Goodwill Ambassador  HeForShe campaign.

As Watson states:

Emma's welcome in Our Shared Shelf

The first book is My Life on the Road, by The Sirens’ namesake, Gloria Steinem! Here’s what Steinem’s said about Our Shared Shelf:

Here’s to making a difference by reading, learning, and sharing ideas through intellectual conversations. I’m in. Are you?

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