Katie's Voice

July: Play

by Katie Riegel

kids-685774_1280It’s July—the middle of summer—and time to remind ourselves what kids know: that summer is for playing. For doing things that are simply fun, that don’t necessarily have any “purpose” at all. Too often adults feel they are wasting time, that most precious commodity, and so they don’t play unless it’s also exercise, or unless they are around children who demand it. Well, The Gloria Sirens believe there’s not enough play in our lives, there’s a crisis of non-play, and we officially give you permission to remember, this July, the joy and importance of play. Cards, tennis, swimming, running through the sprinkler, board games, bad jokes, tickle fights, mini-golf, 20 questions, catch, tag, Scrabble, croquet, bubbles, musical chairs, mystery dinner, rubber-band target practice, puzzles, video games, ping-pong, pinball, license-plate bingo—find what you love. Try stuff out. You don’t have to be good at ping-pong to have fun playing a game, the ball bouncing wildly as you chase after it and your friend laughs. Challenge yourself to play in new or very old ways.

girl-781088_1280Meanwhile, we’ll do the hard work of thinking and writing about play: our strangest games, our play-addictions, our triumphant wins, our resistance to doing what feels good and what’s good for us.

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